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Rural Research Library - Bibliothèque de recherche rural

The CRRN Research Library is located on the Zotero reference manager tool:


Zotero is a free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organize, cite, and share research sources.

To learn more about Zotero and how to use a library click here or watch a short video about how to use a research library: click here for the video in English; click here for the video in French (courtesy of the CCRN-RCRC).

You can contribute to the CRRN library and share your resources in many ways.

You can contribute by signing up for a free Zotero account and join the CRRN-RCRR group library or you can submit your resources in one of the following ways.

1. You can submit your reference list by email at:, using any of the following bibliographic file formats:

* RIS (you can export EndNote files in this format)
* MODS (Metadata Object Description Schema)
* BibTeX
* Refer/BibIX
* Unqualified Dublin Core RDF
* Zotero RDF

2. You can submit single references in plain text format (or any word processor format) using the applicable tags as shown below. Click here for a full list of reference tags; the most common tags and an example are reported below.

TI - Title
AU - Author (each author on its own line preceded by the tag)
A2 - Secondary Author (each author on its own line preceded by the tag)
A3 - Tertiary Author (each author on its own line preceded by the tag)
A4 - Subsidiary Author (each author on its own line preceded by the tag)
PY - Year
CY - Place Published
VL - Volume
IS - Number
PB - Publisher
SP - Start Page
EP - End Page
AB - Abstract

Example (submit your reference in this format, in plain text file or email text)

TI - A Mathematical Theory of Communication
AU - Shannon, Claude E.
PY - 1948
JO - Bell System Technical Journal
SP - 379
EP - 423
VL - 27

Important note: All submissions will be reviewed by the web administrator for suitability. CRRN-RCRR reserves the right to limit postings to those considered of broad interest to the wider community.


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