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Partager la recherche rurale et mettre en réseau ses partenaires

About the CRRN / RCRR en bref

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Canadian Rural Research Network vision

A vibrant, free and comprehensive on-line community of rural research stakeholders that facilitates links, exchanges, partnerships and information sharing among all parties interested in rural research by means of new and innovative networking approaches.

Objectives of the network

The Canadian Rural Research Network (CRRN) facilitates sharing of research outputs and research-related information among a broad spectrum of rural stakeholders, from academia, the public sector and the private sector, including practitioners, professional consultants, formal and informal community groups and organizations, local government and government officials.

In so doing, the CRRN aims to facilitate connections and partnerships among participants to the network.

The CRRN is a vehicle for partners on the demand and supply side of rural research to keep up-to-date with rural research news, to make connections with other stakeholders or interested parties, and to develop partnerships for research and dissemination purposes.

The CRRN recognizes the value of rural research to the public good and the need to establish mechanisms to ensure that rural research is shared with the widest possible audience of individuals with an interest in rural issues.

How to join the network

The CRRN embraces the principles of participatory, bottom-up networking and the opportunities offered by online networking applications.

Any individual or organization with an interest in rural research can join the network and contribute to its activities.

Partnership with the CRRN is free and open to organizations involved in the generation and/or use of research with relevance to rural areas, particularly but not exclusively for Canada.

Any individual is invited to participate in the voluntary activities of the network, to submit content related to research issues (publications, events, data, other relevant research information), and to subscribe to the mailing list to receive updates from the CRRN website.

Operation of the network

The CRRN has no financial budget. The network does not provide or seek funding for research. The resources of the network are provided by voluntary work or limited in-kind contributions for specific activities.

The CRRN achieves its objective by maintaining a web portal, distributing a bi-monthly update on rural research and making its resources available to all rural stakeholders for the purpose of sharing and dissemination of rural research related information.

The CRRN recognizes and values the voluntary contributions of many individuals and organizations that are actively participating to the network.

Voluntary work is provided primarily, but not exclusively, by a Partners’ Roundtable and a Management Committee.

Partners’ Roundtable

The Partners’ Roundtable is formed by one member from each partnering organization. The Roundtable is chaired by the Network Coordinator.

The Roundtable has an online meeting once a year. At this meeting, the Roundtable reviews the objectives of the CRRN, reviews the performance of the CRRN in meeting these objectives and discusses possible new ways to meet these objectives.

The present members of the Partners’ Roundtable are listed here.

Management Committee

The Management Committee is formed by individuals willing to provide a voluntary contribution for the maintenance of the web portal, and to be active in the development of new ideas and applications that would further support the objectives of the network and its growth. The Committee is chaired by the Network Coordinator.

The Committee holds an online meeting approximately every second month to prepare the bi-monthly update, discuss the implementation of new features and improvements of the web portal.

The Management Committee reviews the material submitted for distribution through the network and ensures that postings and information distributed through the network are consistent with the objectives and principles of the CRRN. The present members of the Management Committee are listed here.

Posting and contributing material to the network

Individuals and organizations are invited to submit content to the Management Committee for posting and distribution through the CRRN. Suitable content will be posted without editing. Generally, the committee does minimal editing of submissions.

The CRRN has an inclusive view of research information, which comprises reports, studies, policy documents, books and e-books, news (particularly online news), slideshow presentations, videos concerning lectures, presentations, conferences and other research meetings, online webinars, announcements of research events and calls for papers, data and databases, employment postings, and others.

Similarly, the CRRN has an inclusive view of rural, which comprises the many aspects related to the human and physical dimensions of rural areas.

The CRRN aims to provide a comprehensive and inclusive view of research information relevant to rural Canada that is representative of different perspectives and point of views, as well as reflecting the many methodologies and approaches used in rural research.

The Management Committee reviews submissions to ensure they are within the scope of CRRN objectives and principles. However, the CRRN does not provide a peer review of the contents submitted for posting and distribution. The views expressed on the CRRN website or on the bi-monthly update are the opinions of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the CRRN, its partners or management.


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