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Views on Rural Development in Canada, 1967, Nicholls, William M.

Views on Rural Development in Canada. A Study of the Views of the Member Organizations of the Canadian Council on Rural Development.

In this descriptive study of the views and opinions of member organizations of the Canadian Council on Rural Development (CCRD), it is noted that approximately 6 months after the CCRD was created the decision was made by the organization to assess and define itself prior to attempting to contribute to the solution of problems relating to land and community development. Interviews and group discussions with members of each organization comprising the CCRD were accomplished in addition to other generalized data-collection and analysis activities. Specific topics studied included problems in rural development, how CCRD member organizations are working toward a solution to these problems, objectives of rural development programs, methods for implementing the programs, the Agricultural Rural Development Act (ARDA) and rural development, and the role of the CCRD. The study attempts to show the basic organizational approaches to the solution of nationwide problems related to fostering improvements in Canada's vast rural areas. No specific recommendations are made. The document contains 5 appendices.

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