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Book/Livre : Rural Planning and Development in Canada, October 2009

Source: Nelson Education.
David J.A. Douglas. "Rural Planning and Development in Canada" 2010. Nelson Education. 14 contributors from Canada's leading researchers, with a wealth of policy and practice experience, from 8 universities, and from Statistics Canada; 12 chapters with valuable websites, comprehensive bibliographies and up-to-date additional reading, a rich array of case studies and numerous linkages with the issues and challenges of globalization.

The book intgrates planning and development, addresses a range of challenging issues and opportunities in the diversity of rural Canada from social justice, food security, land use planning, economic development, local government, community development and governance, the policy process, organizational and institutional development and agriculture, to leadership, emerging demographic and social trends and regional patterns, theory and concepts of development and the planning process, power, First Nations, landscape design and management and environmental priorities and property rights and responsibilities. It is a unique, critical, informed and authoritative and current treatment of this complex and ecletic field of policy, practice and research.

The book is edited by David J.A. Douglas, Univerity of Guelph, who also authored four of the book's chapters.


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