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Call for papers/Appel de communications : Third Global Conference on Agricultural and Rural Household Statistics

Source: The Wye City Group.
The Wye City Group on Rural Statistics and Agricultural Household Income is hosting its third global conference on agricultural and rural household statistics. The conference will be hosted by ERS/USDA and is cosponsored by the FAO and the World Bank.

Conference objectives

• Support the U.N. global Strategy to Improve Agricultural and Rural Statistics by highlighting international needs and opportunities to improve statistics on rural and farm households, and strengthen the process of collecting and disseminating statistics on rural and farm households in OECD and developing countries; and

• Review and discuss revisions to the Wye Group Handbook on Rural Households’ Livelihood and Well-Being, and preparation of a Supplement to the Handbook on issues related to agricultural and rural statistics in developing countries.

3rd Wye Conference Announcement Call for Papers


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