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Webinars : Municipalities and Rural and Regional Development: One Way to Bridge Rural and Urban Canada?

Source: Atlantic RURAL Centre.
"Much is written about the role of large urban centres and “creative cities” as the driving forces in an increasingly urbanized Canada. This presentation draws upon twenty years of comparative research around the North Atlantic Rim and across Canada, as well as experience working with community development organizations, governments and universities in trying to apply lessons."

"It also draws upon recent research on the Social Foundations of Innovation in City Regions and on the Governance of Rural-Urban Interaction. It suggests that stronger local government, within a context of sub-provincial regional cooperation, is essential for successful rural and urban development in Canada. Whether the current distribution of powers in Canada, and the increasing urban bias of policy makers, will allow these lessons to be applied, is a very different matter!"

What: Atlantic RURAL Centre Seminar Series:

"Municipalities and Rural and Regional Development: One Way to Bridge Rural and Urban Canada?"
Who: Rob Greenwood, PhD -- Director, Leslie Harris Centre of Regional Policy and Development
When: Friday, April 30th 2:30-3:30pm (Halifax, live) or 3 - 4pm (St John via webcast)
Where: Sir Charles Tupper Medical Building: Rm 14B-2
SafetyNet, Inco Innovation Centre, Rm 304
Webcast available:

Rural Centre Seminar Series Greenwood April 30 2010


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