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News/Nouvelles : Rural Canada News Scan, July 2010

Source: Compiled by the Canadian Rural Research Network.
Online news on rural Canada from July 1, 2010 to July 31, 2010. Click on the heading to access the online article.

Stelmach buys U.S. ad touting oil sands
The Globe and Mail – July 2, 2010
For lack of another way to reach U.S. lawmakers wary of the “filthy” Canadian oil sands, Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach’s office bought a half-page advertisement in Friday’s Washington Post championing its energy industry and a proposed pipeline that would reach down into the United States.

Ignatieff packs rural-specific bag for summer bus tour
The Globe and Mail – July 3, 2010
…Liberals are hoping a bus-heavy summer tour by their leader, Michael Ignatieff, to all 10 provinces and three territories will help win back some of those lost seats. After a rough year marked by persistently low poll numbers, the Liberal Leader has a lot riding on the usually slow-paced summer barbecue circuit…

Rural Doctors Call for Better Rural Health
CNW – July 5, 2010
Today a study published in the Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine, found that one in 7 (14%) of rural physicians planned to move from their communities within the next 2 years. Given that we already know that physicians are under-represented in rural communities, this finding risks making a bad situation worse.

Drowned crops top agenda as agriculture ministers meet
The Globe and Mail – July 6, 2010
Financial aid for drenched Prairie farms will be a key issue when Canada's agriculture ministers meet in Saskatoon this week.The ministers are gathering after heavy downpours in recent months have producers seeking aid for drowned crops and unseeded land.

Rural broadband too 'piecemeal': opposition
The Toronto Sun – July 9, 2010
Tory ministers fanned out this week to announce broadband Internet projects in rural Canada, but an opposition critic says piecemeal announcements aren't enough.

Rural MDs likelier to add new patients
Winnipeg Free Press – July 9, 2010
Foreign-trained family doctors working in rural areas are the most likely to accept new patients, a new national survey shows. On the other hand, female doctors practicing in cities are the most likely to have no room for more patients.

More interest in rural wireless service than expected - Barrett Xplore Inc.
New Brunswick Business Journal – July 16, 2010
More people living in rural New Brunswick signed up for the new wireless high-speed Internet service than expected, said Charles Beaudet, general manager for eastern Canada with Barrett Xplore Inc.

Rural war life focus of study.
CBC News – July 21, 2010
Rural life in Canada during the Second World War has been under-studied, says a student at Hamilton's McMaster University, and he is working to fill that gap.

Rural Pace Rises
Calgary Herald – July 31, 2010
Construction starts of detached single-family homes in the smaller towns and counties around Alberta were strong from April to June, says a federal agency.

When a mine closes – July, 2010
…The shutdown reprises a story told over and over in rural and Northern Canada, as mines evolve from get-rich-quick schemes into reliable employers and solid earners, and finally dissolve to sad endings when the mineral vein thins out…


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