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Presentations/Présentations : On the Bright Side: Rural Canada Works, CRRF/RDI Conference

Source: RDI.
The presentations and posters of the 2010 CRRF/RDI Conference are available on the web site of the Rural Development Institute.


How do Perceived "Successful" Communities Compare to their Peers?

Ray Bollman and Alessandro Alasia (Statistics Canada)

Rural Development in Scotland (UK) Reflections from an Insider--Outsider Perspective: From Policy to Practice
Philomena deLima (UHI Centre for Remote and Rural Studies, Academy Lodge, Iverness)

Best Practices in Local and Regional Economic Development

Thomas Johnson (Community Policy Analysis Centre, University of Missouri)


Rural Policy

Harnessing the Tide: Building Momentum Toward a Rural Strategy for BC
George Penfold (Selkirk College)
Gaining a Rural Lens through Rural Immersion Experiences
Nicole Vaugeois (Vancouver Island University)
Innovation Towards Smart Service Provision
Laura Ryser and Greg Halseth (UNBC)
Vibrant Rural Communities
Ted Eastley (Manitoba Rural Adaptation Council)

CED on the Ground

On the Front Lines: CED in Practice in Rural Manitoba
Ruth Mealy and MAFRI CED Team
Participatory Process and Rural Development in Canada
Holly Dolan and Isabelle Legere (Rural and Cooperatives Secretariat, Agriculture and Agi-Food Canada)
Co-operation Works!
Brendan Reimer (Canadian CED Network) and Vera Goussaert (Manitoba Co-operative Association)

Food Security

Local Food from the Farmer's Perspective: A Waterloo Case Study
John Devlin (University of Guelph)
Growing our Own Up North: Improving Food Self-Sufficiency in Northern Manitoba
Laurel Gardiner (Bayline Regional Roundtable)
The Harvest Moon Society: Holistic Community Development through Urban-Rural Partnerships
Colin Anderson (University of Manitoba and Harvest Moon Society)
Food Solutions - Land and People - Alberta Stories
Susan Roberts (Growing Food Security in Alberta)

Rural Immigration

Employing New Canadians: Rural Employers Information Pathway for Hiring Temporary Foreign Workers in Manitoba
Jill Bucklaschuk and Anisa Zehtab-Martin (Rural Development Institute)
Housing Immigrants in Small Communities
Tom Carter (University of Winnipeg)
Rural Immigration in Manitoba: Opportunities and Challenges for Welcoming Communities
Karen Marchand and Jenny Rockett (Rural Development Institute)

Rural Governance

Planning for a Brighter Future: Municipalities Working Together
Shelley Kilbride (Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities)
Navigating Community Benefit from Resource Activities in Rural Regions
Karen Heisler (Department of Geography, Simon Fraser University)
Participative Policy Formation: Fostering Collaboration in an Multi Shareholder Environment
Alan Levy (Department of Business Administration, Brandon University)

Regional Perspectives on Rural Development

The Centre for Research and Innovation
Bruce Rutley (Centre for Research and Innovation)
The Role of the State in Tourism Product Development and Promotion in Manitoba
Doug Ramsey (Department of Rural Development, Brandon University)
Amenity-based Rural Development - A Canadian Typology and Assessment of Current Supports
Nicole Vaugeois (Vancouver Island University)
Rural Action Plan - A Rural Economic Development Strategy for Prince Edward Island
Kim Klein (Fisheries, Aquaculture & Rural Development, PEI)

Rural Education

Manitoba Education Rural Education Action Plan
Jean-Vianney Auclair (Assistant Deputy Minister, Manitoba Education)
The Reality of Lifelong Learning in a Rural Community
Karen Rempel (Faculty of Education, Brandon University)
Rural Successes: Rural Challenges
Dianne Looker (Mount Saint Vincent University)


Historical Institutionalism and New Regionalism: The Case of Rural Policy in Quebec
Matthew Brett (Concordia University)

Identifying and Removing Barriers to the Implementation of Socioeconomic Plans in Central Newfoundland
Jen Daniels and Kelly Vodden (Memorial University)
Tanya Noble (Government of NL)

The Manitoba Alernative Food Research Alliance: Community Based Research to Promote Food Justice
Stefan Epp, Dayna Kroeker, and Stephane McLachlan (University of Manitoba)

The University-Community Partnership: Benefits of a Rural Ontario Land Use Planning Project
Christopher Fullerton (Brock University)

Standing Tree to Standing House: Community and Local Resource Based Approach to Housing
Laurel Gardiner (Frontiers Foundation Inc.)

Exploring Regional Collaboration in the Burin Peninsula, Newfoundland
Ryan Gibson and Kelly Vodden (Memorial University)
Greg Dominaux (Government of NL)

Rural Broadband + Quantum Leaps=New Economic Opportunities
Helen Hambly (University of Guelph)



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