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Presentations/Présentations : The territorial approach in agricultural and rural policies. An International Review

Source: INEA.
Rome, November 4-5, 2010. "The territorial approach to rural policies is receiving a growing consensus in many countries. Recently, the European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, Dacian Ciolo, announced that one of the most important future challenges for the EU agricultural policy will be strengthening a territorial approach."

"Promoted by European Community policies, the approach achieved more interest in many other countries. The OECD in particular highlighted how much these experiences were recurrent, even in different areas, till the point to consider developing a “new rural paradigm”.

On their side, networks as RIMISP (Latin American Center for Rural Development) enabled these experiences to emerge in many different Latin American countries through designing and implementing territorial research projects."

The presentations of the conference The territorial approach in agricultural and rural policies. An International Review are now available online at INEA/Events


Future Scenarios for Agriculture and Rural Areas in Europe: Some Reflections from SCENAR2020 - Peter Nowicki, Agricultural Economics Research Institute, LEI-Wageningen (NL)

Diversity of Rural Characteristics and its Use for Policy Purposes in Europe - Sylvia Herrmann, Leibniz University, Hannover (Germany)

New Relationships Between Rural and Urban Areas in EU Countries - Andrew Copus, NORDREGIO (Sweden)

Territorial Dynamics and Guidelines for New Rural Development Strategies in Latin America - Alexander Schejtman, RIMISP

The Challenges to Rural Development Policy in the New Independent States (NIS) - Eugenia Serova, FAO

Synthesis and conclusions - Daniela Storti


Cultural Resources and Territorial Identity as Resources for Rural Development in Latin America - Carolina Trivelli, Instituto de Estudios Peruanos-IEP (Peru)

Sustainable Use of Bio-Cultural Diversity in the Southern Mediterranean Area - Guillén Calvo, Independent Expert (Morocco)

Economic Opportunities for Rural Poverty: a Multi-Sector Approach - Jean Paul Lacoste, Ford Foundation

Reflecting on the Specificities of Marginal Areas and the Appropriate Policy Instruments in EU Rural Areas - Janet Dwyer, University of Gloucestershire (UK

Gender Inequalities and Empowerment in Rural Policies - Carolina Taborga, UNIFEM (part of UN Women), New York

Policy Instruments and Public Investments for Human Capital - Roberto Haudry de Soucy, IFAD

Synthesis and conclusions - Maria Fonte


The Delivery of Rural Development Policies: Some Reflections on Problems and Perspectives in EU Countries - Josefine Loriz-Hoffmann, Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development, European Commission

The Role of Place-Based Approach in the European Policies - Patrick Salez, Directorate General for Regional Policy, European Commission

Which New Challenges for the ‘New Rural Paradigm' in OECD Countries? - Raffaele Trapasso, OECD

Territorial and Sector Approaches in Rural Development Policies in the EU and Latin America: Objectives, Design and Delivery Mechanisms - Elena Saraceno, Independent Expert

Governance, Public Policies and Territorial Programmes in Brasil - Sergio Schneider, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brasil)

Territorial Approach, Devolution and Combating Against Disparities in Latin America - Claudia Serrano, RIMISP

Introducing Place-Based Policies: Opportunities and Challenges in Developing Countries - Nicola Crosta, UNDP

Synthesis and conclusions - Francesco Mantino



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