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Studies/Études : The Professional Development of Rural ESL Instructors

Source: AJER.
This article reports "perceived professional development (PD) needs, interests, and challenges of ESL instructors in rural Alberta from the perspectives of instructors and administrators."

The authors "collected questionnaire responses from instructors who taught in programs offered in five rural locations with a large recent influx of newcomers requiring ESL instruction. This was followed by focus-group interviews with the instructors and individual interviews with their program administrators. The findings highlight the importance of PD designed to meet the specific needs of rural instructors and to facilitate effective ESL teaching and learning in their communities."

Marilyn L. Abbott, Marian J. Rossiter. The Professional Development of Rural ESL Instructors: Program Administrators’ and Instructors’ Views. Alberta Journal of Educational Research Vol 57, No 2 (2011).

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