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Podcasts : Understanding "Rural" Canada: Terms, Trends, and Policy

Source: FARE, University of Guelph.
"My conversation with Ray Bollman discusses terms, trends, and policy issues relevant to understanding “rural” Canada. Throughout our discussion of trends and various policies, Ray emphasizes two characteristics of rural: remoteness and population density."

"We discuss a number of specific trends including: the decline of the relative importance of the farming sector (in terms of employment) and the rise of manufacturing in rural areas. Income trends and income disparity between rural and urban areas is also discussed. We also review general policy approaches to addressing rural issues. Ray ends the interview on an optimistic note citing recent trends in net migration to rural areas for people between the ages of 25 and 65. Looking to the future he notes that it is important to consider the possibility that return migration to rural areas is motivated (perhaps to a large part) by the want to return home to live with family in a friendly community."

"Ray Bollman has been the focal point in Statistics Canada for rural research and analysis since he organized a conference in 1990 and published the proceedings in 1992. He initiated Statistics Canada "Rural and Small Town Canada Analysis Bulletins" in 1998 and continued as the editor up to his recent retirement from Statistics Canada. There are now 62 rural bulletins on the Statistics Canada website."

Podcast. Understanding "Rural" Canada: Terms, Trends, and Policy - October 19, 2011. Host: Dr. B. James Deaton, Produced by: Dr. Richard Gorrie, Centre for Open Learning and Educational Development (COLES), University of Guelph.

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