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Training/Formation : Governing for Sustainable Rural Futures, Comparative Rural Policy Summer School

Source: ICRPS.
Join the 2012 International Comparative Rural Policy Studies (ICRPS) Summer School in Québec, Canada. This dynamic school follows the same academic format as previous summer schools in Canada (Ontario, and Manitoba), Europe (Scotland, Belgium, Catalonia in Spain and Norway), and the USA (Missouri and Oregon).

It will mix co-learning academic experiences with field work in different settings. After a few days in Montréal, hosted by Concordia University and the Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation, we will travel to the Estrie region of the province, then on to Québec City to meet with policy makers involved in the development of Québec’s innovative rural policy. During the last week, we will travel to the Bas Saint-Laurent at the University du Québec à Rimouski where we will be hosted by the Canada Research Chair on rural development and an associated network of regional development researchers.

About the International Comparative Rural Policy Studies (ICRPS) Program (

The International Comparative Rural Policy Studies (ICRPS) program brings together an international, multi-disciplinary group of faculty, students, and professionals to study the many facets of rural policy: from policy formulation to policy impacts. The ICRPS program is the first of its kind that enables students to examine and compare the role of rural policy in different cultural, political, and administrative contexts in Europe, North America, and the South. Designed for graduate students and early-career professionals, the ICRPS program introduces the skills to analyze and compare policies at the international, national, state, regional, and local levels. It also provides the opportunity to study the nature and implications of new forms of governance in rural contexts. The key elements of the ICRPS program are: a two-week international summer institute, comparative rural policy research projects, and online distance learning courses. The ICRPS Consortium, comprising core faculty from eleven universities in Canada, Europe, Mexico, and the USA, has developed an advanced program to enhance policy formulation and analysis in the rural context.

2012 Québec Rural Policy Summer School Program preview

According to the OECD program review, the Québec government has put in place one of the most impressive rural policies in the world. The 2012 Summer School will provide us with an opportunity to learn about this policy, its implementation in 2001, the transformations since then, and its impacts on rural communities and regions. The experience and insights of the Québec regional development research group will be complemented by the work of a Canadian national research team conducting comparative analysis of new regional policies in Newfoundland, Ontario, British Columbia and Québec since 2010.

Students will work in groups to make presentations, analyse documents, prepare policy briefs, meet policy professionals and take part in field trips. Faculty and international students will collaborate in a shared learning environment. This summer school session will combine new and returning students, which enhances the mutual learning experience of multiple years. The exploration of key rural development issues will take place within a context of first-hand engagement of students and faculty with policy-makers, practitioners, researchers, and citizens in the various field sites included in the summer school.

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