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Studies/Études : Understanding the Rural Tilt among Financial Co-operatives in Canada

Source: Canadian Journal of Nonprofit and Social Economy Research.
"This mixed methods study examines whether the rural/urban distribution of credit union/caisse populaire branches differs significantly from the general urban/rural demographic pattern in Canada. It also explores whether their distribution is different from that of banks, looking at the cases of Québec and Atlantic Canada."
"The study finds a rural tilt among financial cooperatives in Canada, and seven key informants present their views on the results. Their responses are categorized in two main themes: why financial cooperatives are overrepresented in rural and small town areas, and why they are under-represented in urban ones. A discussion follows, and directions for further study are provided."

Laurie Mook, Jennifer Hann, Jack Quarter (2012). Understanding the Rural Tilt among Financial Co-operatives in Canada. Vol 3, No 1.



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