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Call for papers/Appels de communications : Rural resilience and vulnerability: the rural as locus of solidarity and conflict in times of crisis

Source: European Society for Rural Sociology (ESRS).
Florence, 29 July - 1st August, 2013. "The economic crisis has Europe in its hold. This crisis clearly affects its economic basis but goes far beyond that to touch upon the very substance of the European way of life."

"Yet, the crisis also presents us with the chance to rebuild our society, to create something better, more valuable and more sustainable. Resilience is often used to describe this capacity for successful adaptation, i.e. the ability to learn and change, to make use of emerging opportunities. But there are also risks as the crisis increases inequalities and internal tensions, at different levels (such as regions or nations).

The opportunities and risks associated with the crisis are played out in rural as well as urban places. Rural places and rural issues may assume a specific meaning in times of crisis, reflecting resilience as well as vulnerability. This conference aims at increasing our knowledge of the effects of the crisis in the different regions of Europe and beyond, and to add to our understanding of the processes that contribute to vulnerability and resilience of people and places."

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