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Reports/Rapports : The Economic Contribution of Alberta's Rural Communities

Source: Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development.
What is the GDP of rural Alberta? What is the largest sector of the rural economy? Who is the largest employer? Does GDP growth in a sector mean more jobs in that sector? How did growth in rural Alberta compare to urban Alberta? How many urban jobs does rural Alberta contribute to? Are there regional differences? What is the industrial structure of my rural community?

The Rural Development Division, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, set out to answer these and other questions when they contracted The Conference Board of Canada to determine the economic contribution of rural Alberta to the rest of Alberta and Canada.

Results include rural GDP, employment by place of work, and “economic footprint” comparing 2001 and 2006 Census data. The results are broken down comparing urban and rural (using the “Rural and Small Town” definition), Economic Region, Census Division, Metropolitan Influence Zone (MIZ), and by 18 industry sectors. Estimates of community level GDP and industrial structure were also calculated for 317 Census Subdivisions (municipalities), a first for Alberta.

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