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Reports/Rapports : Immigrants, Agriculture, and Settlement Outside the GTA

Source: Institute for Community Engaged Scholarship, University of Guelph.
"Support systems (official programs and services as well as more informal social networks) for immigrants to Canada tend to be highly concentrated in the Greater Toronto Area, and weak or lacking altogether in Ontario’s more rural municipalities. This creates a barrier for newcomers to the country who might wish to engage in farming, as they are unlikely to settle in the rural communities where farmland might be available."

"This report was prepared by interns at The Research Shop, working in collaboration with FarmStart. It focuses on settlement services for new Canadians in four municipalities in Ontario where there is significant potential for agricultural production."

Janz, K., Dietrich-O’Connor, F. & Stewin, E. (2012). Immigrants, Agriculture, and Settlement Outside the GTA. Retrieved from



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