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Books/Livres : Rethinking Rural Literacies: Transnational Perspectives

Source: Macmillan.
"Linking the terms "rural" and "literacy" often conjures images of deficit and improvement. This book takes a different approach, unpacking both of these laden concepts in diverse national contexts."

"It explores how people in many rural places understand and experience what it means to be rural and the multiple ways that exist of being literate, including ways that are linked to and situated in a particular place and conception of that place. The chapters in this international collection investigate a wide range of theorizations of rurality and literacy; literate practices and pedagogies; questions of place, space, and sustainability; and complex representations of rurality that challenge simplistic conceptions of standardized literacy and the real-and-imagined world beyond the metropolis."

Edited By Bill Green and Michael Corbett. Rethinking Rural Literacies: Transnational Perspectives. Palgrave Macmillan, June 2013.

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