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Reports/Rapports : Focus on Rural Ontario - Employment, Working Age Population and Aboriginal Identity

Source: ROI.
Rural Ontario is experiencing different employment challenges than urban areas. For example, the patterns of job growth and decline are currently heading in different directions. Three new Focus on Rural Ontario fact sheets feature employment-related information and another looks at the Aboriginal Identity population in Ontario.

Based on Statistics Canada data, these easy-to-read fact sheets highlight the changing dynamics of rural Ontario’s population, communities and economies. Many larger public organizations have statistical analysts who can access Statistics Canada data directly. For the many who do not have this capacity, the Rural Ontario Institute commissioned this series to help build understanding of key demographic and economic trends affecting this huge region of our province. The fact sheets separate Statistics Canada information into short, digestible snapshots highlighting fundamental information, in an attempt to make it accessible to all.

All Focus on Rural Ontario fact sheets can be downloaded from the Rural Ontario Institute website at

ROI gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of Ontario in making these fact sheets possible. Detailed inquiries as to statistical sources and definitions can be directed to the author Ray Bollman at



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