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Rural and Regional Trends

Indicators to monitor structure and performance in rural Canada
By Ray D. Bollman

About the author
About Rural and Regional Trends


RRT, 2nd quarter 2013. Latest issue
RRT, 1st quarter 2013.
RRT, 4th quarter 2012.

About the author
RRT is authored by Ray Bollman. For further information and analysis of local economic indicators contact Ray at Ray recently retired as Chief of the Rural Research Group at Statistics Canada and as Editor of Statistics Canada’s Rural and Small Town Canada Analysis Bulletins.

About Rural and Regional Trends
The purpose of Rural and Regional Trends (RRT) is to facilitate the use, mapping and interpretation of selected timely local economic indicators.

RRT is issued quarterly and will provide the information to address the following questions:
- What are the most recent trends for key local economic indicators of your region?
- How do these trends compare with those of other regions across Canada?

RRT provides summary charts and ready-to-use maps and data. You can use these maps to visualize local economic trends or easily upload the data on the Community Information Database to customize your maps.

RRT is distributed free of charge on the Canadian Rural Research Network (CRRN) and is intended to stimulate debate and further analysis and use of local economic indicators.

Republishing and redistribution: You can republish and redistribute RRT online or in print for free. You just have to credit the author and the CRRN and link to the online version of RRT on the CRRN.

About the Canadian Rural Research Network
The CRRN is a vibrant, free and comprehensive on-line community of rural research stakeholders that facilitates information sharing by means of innovative networking approaches. Visit the CRRN web site and subscribe to the CRRN social media (FB, LIn, Tw, RSS) to keep up to date with rural research.


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