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News/Nouvelles : Rural Canada News Scan, December 2009

Source: Compiled by the Canadian Rural Research Network.
Online news on rural Canada from December 1 to December 21 2009. Click on the heading to access the online article.

Green pot of carbon gold lures politicians
Sydney Morning Herald
... the potential for countries such as Canada, the US and Australia to offset industrial pollution against carbon sequestration in rural landscapes. ...

Innovations on a shoestring: a study of a collaborative community-based Aboriginal mental health service model in rural Canada

7thSpace Interactive (press release)
Conclusions: This model can serve to inform collaborative care in other rural and indigenous mental health systems. Further research into traditional ...

Cdn farmers suggest local food initiatives as way to fight climate change
The Canadian Press
Across an ocean in Copenhagen, Saturday's agriculture and rural development day brought together policy makers and negotiators, producers and the ...

Rural women want good job, too

London Free Press
In rural Canada, where I live, good jobs like that are hard to come by. For women, they are often simply out of reach. As Canada's economy slowly recovers, ...

Paradise lost for many rural dwellers
Globe and Mail
After eight years of living in the country, Ms. Deavitt has become something we're not used to hearing about in Canada: a rural environmental refugee. ...

The Last Post?
Sherbrooke Record
With a number of rural post offices closing down across the country over the last few years, the Liberal Party of Canada appears ready to take a stand. ...

Mail service vital to rural areas
By doing nothing to stop the elimination of these services, the Conservative government has contributed to a growing divide between urban and rural Canada. ...

Liberals call for restoring postal services in rural Canada
In the Senate, Liberal Senator Robert Peterson intends to introduce a rural mail bill which also calls for complaint resolution processes at Canada Post ...

Gun Control Issue Reveals a Changing Canada
New York Times
Parliament's response to the crime was passage of the long-gun registry, and few issues since have so divided rural and urban Canadians. ...

Tough on crime, but not on rifles
Rural Canada is the power base of the Conservative Party. So when the party formed its first minority government in 2006, Prime Minister Stephen Harper ...

Investigating the rural transportation issue
Bancroft This Week
macdonald says that this is something that is currently being discussed across rural Canada, due to the rising concerns surrounding the lack of ...


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