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Reports/Rapports : Rural research priorities in Ontario

Source: The Monieson Centre, the University of Guelph and The Ontario Rural Council.
This comprehensive summary of top Ontario rural development issues integrates findings from a series of community and organizational workshops conducted in partnership with the Monieson Centre at Queens, the University of Guelph and The Ontario Rural Council.

"Research has the potential to identify information, create knowledge and contribute to timely solutions and policy options that can fundamentally address key societal issues. Rural regions are often limited in their capacity to conduct research. This research project implemented a methodology that engaged community and organizational representatives in a systematic dialogue that identified rural research needs from a community and organization perspective. The outcome of this research provides baseline community input on critical community research issues and questions that can form the basis of much needed relevant rural research in the future. This can also help government and policy makers better understand what is happening at the local/regional level in Ontario."

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