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Studies/Études : Recruitment Trumps Retention & Bounce-back ED Visits - CJRM studies

Source: Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine (CJRM).
"In 2008, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) conducted a survey of rural practitioners. The survey covered incentives to choose rural medicine, current satisfaction, plans for future migration and strategies for retention."

"Results: More than 70% of physicians older than 45 years received no incentives for setting up rural practice, compared with 41% of younger physicians. Younger physicians attached greater importance to financial incentives than older physicians, but personal incentives, such as accommodations in the community, were also important. The opportunity to practise one’s full skill set was considered important (84%) as was liking the lifestyle (82%). One in 7 (14%) respondents planned to move from their communities within the next 2 years. They reported they might stay if they had a more reasonable workload, professional backup and locums."

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Bounce-back visits in a rural emergency department

"The rate of return visits at urban emergency departments (EDs) has been reported as approximately 3% within 72 hours of discharge. However, the current literature does not indicate the rate of return visits for rural EDs. The purpose of this study was to determine the bounce-back rate at a rural ED and to characterize the visits."

"Results: Of the 9935 ED visits during this 12-month period, 289 (2.9%) were return visits within 72 hours. Median patient age was 46 years. The most common CTAS score for return visits was CTAS-IV (45.3%). The most common diagnosis was unspecified abdominal pain (4.0%). Most patients (88.6%) were treated in the ED and discharged home."

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