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News/Nouvelles : Rural Canada News Scan, September 2010

Source: Compiled by the Canadian Rural Research Network.
Online news on rural Canada from September 1, 2010 to September 30, 2010. Click on the heading to access the online article.

Videotron welcomes CRTC decision on deferral funds
Toronto Sun - September 1, 2010
Quebec’s Videotron welcomed a decision by Canada’s telecom regulator ordering three telecom giants to reimburse funds to clients, restricting the amount they can use to finance broadband expansion.

We’re a telecom backwater: Woodcock
Toronto Sun – September 4, 2010
Bill-paying day at our house used to be a simple affair — read the bottom line, write the cheque or click the mouse. All done in 10 minutes if you work fast…

Vote on gun registry a political minefield
Winnipeg Free Press – September 7, 2010
In three weeks, a private member's bill to can the long-gun registry will come up for a do-or-die vote and the factions on either side have been revving their engines hard.

Under the microscope
Amherst Daily News – September 13, 2010
Close to 600 rural mailboxes may have to be relocated or removed following a review by Canada Post.

Postal rates confusion
Barriere Star Journal – September 13, 2010
…She also noted that express post is a guaranteed two day delivery, but when sent from Barriere to Yellowknife express post cannot deliver in two days due to the fact the Barriere shipment will arrive in Kamloops after 6 p.m.; after the express post plane has left with the mail…

Rural ISP gets ear of Industry Minister
The Globe and Mail – September 20, 2010
Arvo Koppel has been trying for a year to convince Industry Canada that his small, community-run Internet service provider in northeastern British Columbia should count as a Canadian company.

Rural N.B. hospitals too costly: doctors
CBC News – September 17, 2010
New Brunswick has too many small hospitals and the health-care system will be bankrupt in 15 years if politicians do not stop wasteful inefficiency, say two Moncton doctors.

CRTC hearings look into Cogeco's purchase of Corus
Montreak Gazette – September 28, 2010
Cogeco Cable says rural Quebec stations will benefit if its application for an exception to ownership rules is approved by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.

Greyhound says losses could portend massive Alberta cuts
Vancouver Sun – September 24, 2010
Greyhound Canada is applying to Alberta Transportation to slash the number of trips on its Alberta routes to one each per year per route to offset massive operating losses.


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