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Reports/Rapports : Inspiring innovation, collaboration and growth, RADF annual report

Source: Rural Alberta’s Development Fund.
"We invested another $18.8 million in 16 worthwhile projects during the year. A brief
summary of each project is provided later in this annual report. Since opening for
business in October, 2006, we have invested $74.1 million in 67 different rural projects."

"The projects we have funded are very diverse, involve thousands of people and benefit tens of thousands more."

"We are measuring our return on investment against project and economic achievement plans. Evaluation of expected outcomes in these plans is reaping valuable data. Almost 80 percent are showing that outcomes are being achieved. Economic data received from 47 projects shows that for every dollar we invest, 65% more is being leveraged by project proponents. We are expecting more good news in 2010-2011. You can read more about this in this report’s Measures and Outcomes section."

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