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Studies/Études : Large urban, Small urban and Rural Students

Source: MESA Project.
"Policy makers are particularly interested in the experiences of students from rural backgrounds who often encounter a unique set of challenges upon entry to post-secondary education (PSE)."

The Longitudinal Survey of Low Income Students (L-SLIS), created to measure the effects of the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation’s Access Bursary, offers a unique combination of information pertaining to students’ post-secondary education (PSE) experiences and methods of financing PSE. This research brief uses the L-SLIS to compare students from three different categories of community size:
1. Less than 10, 000 people (‘rural’ for short),
2. Between 10,000 and 100,000 people (‘small urban’ for short),
3. Greater than 100, 000 people (‘large urban’ for short).

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