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Call for papers/Appels de communications : Rural development and population sessions, RSAI

Source: Stephan Weiler and Peter Schaeffer.
NORTH AMERICAN MEETINGS OF THE RSAI, MIAMI, FLORIDA NOVEMBER 9-12, 2011. As has become tradition, we are soliciting submissions of conference papers for sessions focusing on rural development. This conference attracts some of the most distinguished rural scholars in regional science, with attendance at the sessions devoted to rural/regional development usually very high.

Past papers and session topics have included the following themes among others, but we always welcome new niches!

o Rural labor and financial markets
o Demographic evolutions in rural regions and implications for development
o Rural entrepreneurship, including links to metro markets
o Methodological and theoretical innovations
o Emerging issues in rural development, such as health care and economic development
o Contributions, positive or negative, of institutional structures to regional development
o Regional/rural competitiveness, including measures of such competitiveness
o Cross-national/international experiences in regional/rural development and policy
o Comparative development analyses in/among/across OECD countries
o Influence of international organizations, such as OECD, EU, NAFTA, etc. on rural and/or regional development issues

In addition to this first Call for Papers, we are also are interested in hearing from colleagues who will not have a “rural paper” to present but would like to participate as a session chair and/or discussant. If you would like to participate in the 2011 sessions, please contact either

Stephan Weiler (
Peter Schaeffer (

Paper submitters should email us a tentative title, abstract (~150 words), and contact information at their earliest convenience. If you are sending us a paper title/abstract for inclusion in the rural sessions, please do not submit this same paper online. We will handle this submission process for all session papers with the organizers, provided we receive firm commitments on participation from the paper presenters by the online submission deadline.

We also welcome the submission of partial or complete thematic sessions. In these cases, forward us the session title, presenters’ names/emails/affiliations, and paper titles and abstracts. Again, e-mail replies are preferred.
We look forward to hearing from you!

With best wishes for a productive and/or relaxing summer…

Peter and Stephan


Stephan Weiler (
Department of Economics
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523-1771

Peter Schaeffer ( )
Division of Resource Management
P.O. Box 6108, West Virginia University
Morgantown, WV 26506-6108


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