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Book/Livre : International Migration and Rural Areas, Cross-National Comparative Perspectives, October 2009

Source: Ashgate.
"While immigrants are still predominantly choosing urban areas to locate to, there is now increasing evidence of immigration to rural areas which poses its own challenges for those relocating, from the scarcity of high quality jobs to the provision of public and private services."

"Addressing the shortcomings in current research, this book employs an innovative approach by exploring this relationship from a cross-national, comparative, global perspective. It draws lessons from case studies across a range of geographical and political contexts, including Canada, the USA, Ireland, Scotland, Greece and Russia."

The book is edited by Birgit Jentsch, Ionad Nàiseanta na h-Imrich (National Centre for Migration Studies), Scotland and Myriam Simard, Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique, Canada

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